University of New England

UNE bring smart ideas to life with a program that fuses technology with music, art with science, and food with fun.


The historic post office site will overflow with music performances from UNE staff, students and special guests including Blush Opera; a fun loving boutique opera company making opera a serious past time for future generations.


MasterChef 2017 contestant Callan Smith presents his Culinary Circus pop-up, complete with a 3D printer pumping out meringues for the masses.

Didn’t know you could print an edible meringue? Neither did we, but they look amazing and we can assure you they taste even better.


Around the site, Jonathan Clay’s photography explores smart ideas born from the fusion of technology and art.


Salvage Supper Club with the Youth Food Movement.

Want to know how to cook like a pro with limited ingredients and kick your food-waste habit? Visit UNE for nightly demonstrations with local and celebrity chefs that show you how to deliver a culinary masterpiece from scratch.

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