University of New England

SPACE Unknown Worlds

Come and check us out at the UNE SPACE experience, where the sky is never the limit.

See some amazing galaxies captured at a moment in time, some close to you in a galaxy not so far far away.

Is there music in SPACE? Find out and see music performances themed to SPACE with featured artists each night



Greek St 


Network Improvised Performance
Local and remote performers will come together to present a musical improvisation across stage and screen. The improvisation will be in real-time with multiple musicians connecting live from different locations.

Recorder Player Alana Blackburn 
A highly regarded recorder player performing as a soloist and ensemble musician throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe; Alana will perform a mixture of contemporary recorder pieces from Australia and around the world which will change your expectations of the instrument.

Toy Piano Orchestra
UNE will assemble 12 toy pianos to premiere a new composition titled ‘Constellations’ by Paul Smith. These instruments, originally made for children, have been transformed into performance objects to create a unique and experimental sound world.

The House That Dan Built
A vocally-innovative national and international arts company, The House is an ecosystem that supports female artists. They will perform a vocal and movement performance piece in the UNE Laneway.