Installation by artist Georgina Humphries

Location: Sweets ‘n’ Beats (Batman Walk)

Georgina's doughnutsSuspended above the laneway are giant glowing donuts, lighting the path to your next sweet fix! Wander underneath Georgina Humphries’ luminous creations or sit down and relax on your very own donut seat while you sample one of the many indulgent desserts on offer.

Created with recycled tent material collected at music festivals, the donuts are a dynamic response to our insatiable appetite for increasingly wild desserts, celebrating the vibrant colour and fun-loving atmosphere of Parramatta Lanes.

Georgina Humphries: Georgina Humphries is a public artist living and working in Melbourne. Weaving a wide range of handmade techniques into temporary installations, live art set design, time-lapse video art and traditional sculpture, Georgina creates tangible experiences in an array of public environments. Since completing her Masters of Arts (Public Art) at RMIT University in 2011, Georgina’s work has been presented in a wide range of public spaces, including traditional galleries, music festivals and local city council streetscapes. Through a combination of handmade techniques, Georgina seeks to present the traditional and familiar craft of sewing as a viable public art medium, creating tactile experiences that are accessible to the general public in their everyday life.

Most recently Georgina’s work was exhibited in the 2016 Lorne Sculpture Biennale, Moonee Valley Council Incinerator Gallery Summer Show and installed as a key artwork for the Darebin Community Kite Festival in 2016.

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Installation by artist Amanda Seddon

Location: Garden of Misfits (Red Cow Lane)


Local artist Amanda Seddon explores the subtle yet persistent feeling of being out of place – a feeling that is more common than most admit – through a collection of striking but surreal sculptures. Wander through this dream-like garden and find beauty in the strange and unfamiliar, celebrating the distinctive and eccentric.

Amanda Seddon learnt the basic tools of her current art making practice of soft sculpture in her early years when she spent time with her mother cutting, pinning and trimming children's clothing and canvas bags to sell at the local markets.

During her student years she was awarded the William Dobell student drawing prize, the William Fletcher scholarship and the Windsor and Newton studio scholarship award amongst others. She has also been a finalist in the Sulman prize and a semi finalist in the DMPP.

Amanda completed a B.A with first class honours in Painting, and a Masters degree at the National Art School which saw her practice develop from a two dimensional into the three dimensional practice of installation art. This transition pushed the boundaries of a traditional painting degree and saw Amanda include many multifaceted mediums and film works into her installations, some of which have been recently shown at the Femmes Film festival at LACE. After completing her studies, Amanda co-founded the pop-up gallery Efkairia in Double Bay, which recently celebrated its first year and is due to start its next pop-up stint in the West.

Amanda’s works often explore emotions that are intensively personal and common to our collective innate humanity. She hopes to explore the role installation art can play in bringing together the art world with the broader community by creating meaningful and celebratory spaces.

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Finishing School

Installation by artists Felicity Castagna & Marian Abboud

Location: Horwood Place Car Park

Local artist Marian Abboud and local author Felicity Castagna examine our complex relationships and connections with place with a series of beautiful, yet defiant, portraits of Western Sydney writers. As you explore and uncover the narrative of each storyteller through a series of listening stations, consider how our environment shapes our sense of self and belonging. Presented with support of Western Sydney University.

Felicity Castagna is a former high school English teacher who has many years’ experience in teaching creative writing workshops in schools, writing centres, universities and other institutions and also works as a community arts worker, editor and writing mentor. Felicity holds a PhD from the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University.

Felicity Castagna is the author of The Incredible Here and Now, which won the Prime Minister’s Literature Award (YA) and was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literature Awards, the WA Premier’s Book Awards, The Adelaide Festival Literature Award and The Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award. The novel recently premiered as a stage adaptation at The National Theatre of Parramatta in July this year.

Her work has been produced for ABC Radio National and ABC television. She has also written for journals and newspapers such as Heat, The Age, The Sun Herald, Island, Wet Ink and Award Winning Australian Writing.

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Marian Abboud is amulti-disciplinary artist based in Western Sydney works across various technologies to create projected images that feed into performance, installation and site-specific works. Marian creates complex narratives from engaging with the community or artists to build multi-layered works. Marian has a research driven based practice that explores sites in Western Sydney. Her investigation is one of challenging perceptions of land in which we inhabit, complex historical/cultural narratives and social changes continue to form the basis of her research.

Marian has exhibited extensively locally and nationally and has collaborated on many dance and performance based projects. She is currently working on various projects across a broad range of disciplines including photography, film, performance, dance and public art.

Finishing School Storytellers: Faith Chaza, Sheila Pham, Frances An, Peta Murphy, Rawah Arja, Brittany Searle, Claire Nemorin, Michele Freeman, Kelly Cheung, Eda Gunaydin, Ailsa Liu, Hajer and Zarlasht Sarwari.

White Light

Installation by artist Nick Athanasiou (Skunk Control)

Location: Roxy Walk

An infinite number of colours and shades reflect through the laneway, celebrating the diversity of nature and showcasing a vibrant personality. Notice how the light changes from new perspectives as you make your way through this magical walkway.

Nick Thanasiou is an engineer, artist and the founder of Skunk Control - a group of artists, engineers, scientists and educators from Victoria University (Melbourne). They create visual art installations designed to affect audiences, and engage them in sensory-infused processes and heightened feelings of excitement that define the process of discovery. Their background in the science, arts, engineering and education areas has technically informed their work and assisted in exploring their narrative and themes through the use of kinetic movements, light, sound and other sensory systems.

Their exhibitions and commissioned works have formed part of a large number of well-respected festivals including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Gertrude Street Projection Festival in Melbourne international exhibitions in New Zealand and Portugal. Most recently their Epiphany’s Genisis installation is currently exhibited at Museum Victoria until April 2018.

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People of Parramatta

Projections by artist Sam Fraser & The Little Projector Company

Block Party (Horwood Place)

Live, observational street portraits will capture the individuality and likeness of audience members as they move through the festival. The audience is invited to sit down for a portrait and discuss their favourite Lanes moments, which will be added to the collection each night. Over the four nights, the wall will come alive with the projections of the many and varied 'People of Parramatta', overlooking the street party.

Check out their animated projections here

Homegrown Superheroes

Raffles College of Design and Commerce

Location: Arcade Jam (Aird Street)

In a collaborative effort, photography and digital media students from Raffles College of Design and Commerce showcase the beauty of Parramatta’s architectural landscape, occupied by a band of imagined superheroes, representing the strength and power embedded in the characters of the City of Parramatta.


Location: UNE Campus

Artists and researchers at UNE present an exciting program which explores the ways we connect with the natural world and with each other via new forms of technology. The historic post office site of the UNE campus will come alive with music performances, visual art and science installations.

  • Art and science installations
  • Animalia Obscura Out of the Dark photographic installation by Jonathon Clay - Curated and managed by Narelle Jarry (UNE Natural History Museum), Animalia Obscura is an installation of images by photographer Jonathon Clay (UNE Lab Technician by day) that shares his response to the rows and rows of preserved specimens tucked away in the UNE Natural History Museum’s collection storeroom.
  • Clay’s images showcase the weird and wonderful specimens within the collection. Shining a focused beam of light, Clay narrows our gaze to only a handful of creatures amongst the vast array of material held by the University for the academic pursuit of science. Aesthetically, this material offers so much more. Who can resist the deep mysterious appeal of the preserved Spanner Crab Ranina ranina or the distant and contemplative stare of the taxidermied Rhesus Macaque Macaca mullatta? Allow yourself to be drawn into how Clay sees the specimens on the shelf.

Roving artwork

Roving Artworks

Roving performers James Andrews and Benjamin Hancock

A transient performance experience that weaves its way through the laneways of Parramatta. Strange creatures will excite and entice you to discover a new, magical realm within the urban landscape. Wearable art meets contemporary dance in this interactive and immersive performance experience.

James Andrews and Benjamin Hancock are a pair of Australian dancers and dance makers working in the realms of experimental contemporary dance as well as the underground queer club landscape. Collective credits include DARK MOFO, Sydney Festival, Melbourne Festival, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide Fringe, Dance Massive and Darwin Festival amongst others. They create exciting and vibrant spectacles that connect with and immerse audiences in unexpected ways. Wearable art meets contemporary dance in an interactive and immersive performance experience.